COVID-19 Notice

Did you attend the matinee Festival performance, touch tour or pre-show Artist Talk for Hōkioi me te Vwōhali on Saturday 14 March at Soundings Theatre, Te Papa?

If so, please do take the time to read this important advice:

New Zealand Festival of the Arts cancels last three performances 15 March 2020

The New Zealand Festival of the Arts has cancelled the last three performances scheduled for its final day Sunday 15 March due to the rapidly changing situation around Covid-19 and public events in Wellington.

The cancelled performances are Slapstick at 2pm, Strasbourg 1518 at 4pm and Dimanche at 5pm. All ticket holders are being informed and will receive information about refunds from Ticketmaster.

Festival Executive Director Meg Williams says the decision was hugely disappointing.

“The Festival and our artists are hugely disappointed and we are sorry that some audiences will miss out on seeing these fantastic works. However, we feel that extreme caution is the right approach in a situation that is changing so rapidly,” she said.

The cancellation of Saturday night’s performance of Strasbourg 1518 was also Covid-19 related, but that was for casting reasons, not due to fears of transmission.

Two artists involved in the Festival had been in contact with a person who has been confirmed as Covid-19 positive on Saturday morning (14 March). Both were cast members of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts show Strasbourg 1518. As soon as the diagnosis was delivered to the person on Saturday, the artists were informed and they self-isolated. The New Zealand Festival of the Arts then sought immediate advice from the Ministry of Health.

As per the Ministry of Health protocol we have been advised that one artist should remain self-isolated for 14 days, and the other did not require isolation because they were in very brief casual contact.

In addition, the Festival was advised that no-one who came into contact with the two artists in the intervening few hours was at risk of contracting the virus and had no need to self-isolate.

Saturday evening’s performance of Strasbourg 1518 was subsequently cancelled because there was insufficient time for casting adjustments to be made. This was not due to concerns around transmission of Covid-19.

The Festival is making contact with those it knows came into contact with the artists and informing them of this guidance and encouraging them to reach out to public health officials to seek further assurance if they feel they want to.

For further information or interview requests, please contact the Media Team:

Chris Brown: 027 477 9484

Sophie Speer: 027 892 6938

24. MÁM_©_Ros Kavanagh_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

New Zealand Festival of the Arts media release

89. Who are we now_©__NZF20_1200 x 628 V2.jpg

NZFOTA Writers programme media release

3. Aldous Harding  Weyes Blood  Purple Pilgrims_©_Clare Shilland_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Aldous Harding, Weyes Blood, Purple Pilgrims

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4. Black Ties_©_Garth Oriander_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Black Ties

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6. Chosen and Beloved_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Chosen and Beloved

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7. Cloud Pink_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Cloud Pink

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9. Concert for Dogs_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Concert for Dogs

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8. Dimanche_©_Alice Piemme_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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10. Eight Songs for a Mad King_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Eight Songs for a Mad King

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5c. Estere_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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13. Glass_Richter_Järvi_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Glass - Richter - Järvi

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14. Here Comes the Ocean_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Here Comes the Ocean

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15. Hōkioi me te Vwōhali – from spirit eagles land_©_John McDermott _NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Hōkioi me te Vwōhali – From spirit eagles land

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16. In Search of Dinozord_©_Steve Gunther @CalartsREDCAT_NZF20_1200 x 628 (2).jpg

In Search of Dinozord

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18.  Jerusalem سدقلا_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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19. Kate Tempest_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Kate Tempest

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20. Kopernikus – Opéra-rituel de mort - check one line or two_©_Vincent Pontet _NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Kopernikus – Opéra-rituel de mort

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23. Lou Reed Drones _©_Da Ping Luo_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Lou Reed Drones

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24. MÁM_©_Ros Kavanagh_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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25. Mr Red Light_©_ _NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Mr Red Light

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5a. Nadia Reid_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Nadia Reid

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26. Netherlands Chamber Choir_©_Foppe Schut_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Netherlands Chamber Choir

Programme 1 and 2
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30. Rhiannon Giddens_©_Karen Cox_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi

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31. Secrets of Sea and Space_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Secrets of Sea and Space

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5b. Shades of Shakti_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Shades of Shakti

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32. Släpstick_©_Jaap Reedijk_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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33. Strasbourg 1518_©_Alex Efimoff_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Strasbourg 1518

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Kara Jackon Te Ata.jpg

Te Ata

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36. The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil

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21. The Calling_©_Jan Schulz # Webdesigner Stuttgart_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

The Calling

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37. The New Pornographers_©__NZF20_1200 x 628 (2).jpg

The New Pornographers

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38. To The Moon_©__NZF20_1200 x 628 (2).jpg

To The Moon

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39. Trois Grandes Fugues_©_Stofleth_NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Trois Grandes Fugues

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40. Urban Hut Club_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg

Urban Hut Club

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61. Close Listening A Conversation with Laurie Anderson_©__NZF20_1200 x 628.jpg


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The Human Voice

The Human Voice

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